Below are some of my Client Testimonials

By: Edwin Allenspach

I was discouraged that my land would ever sell considering that it was sitting on the market for 8 MONTHS with A HIGHLY RECOMMENDED AGENT. After speaking with Michael Duggal on the phone, I decided to invite him over and share his marketing plan with me. After meeting with Michael at my house, we listed the land and he astonishingly sold my 150 acres ABOVE ASKING PRICE & FASTER than the average days on market! I was blown away with how knowledgeable and productive Michael and the entire DUGGAL TEAM were. They provided an outstanding level of service and sold my 150 acres for $1,050,000. I highly recommend Michael to anyone to fulfill their eal estate needs

By: Mohsin

Thank you for your hard work, constant communication and negotiating skill in selling my property. While we have been personally involved a sizable number of purchase and sale agreements since 1990, this property undoubtedly was a unique situation. I never had the time to fully acknowledge your personal contribution in this difficult negotiation. I will certaintly recommend you to anyone with questions regarding real estate.

By: Grzegorz and Elzbieta Niedzwiecka

In an industry that is frequently accused of putting the clients' best interest second, I felt that my interests were put first throughout this smooth process of selling my house with you.. Looking forward to working with you in the future.

By: Alex Glaser

Mike is the Man! If you want to buy or sell real estate you need to call him!

By: Priya Ra

Excellent! I would highly recommend Michael and his staff. I was looking for a very specific home to purchase and Michael went out of his way to find it. Michael as well recently sold my sisters home and she is very happy with her experience. Thank you again!

By: Lindsey Harn

I have always had a great experience when working with Michael and his team. They are very responsive and have always represented my best interest. I will definitely be using him again on my next sale and purchase.

By: Zach Behr

In today's competitive market its important to have someone who is aggressive. I have found that Michael is willing to have the hard conversations that need to be had in order for a transaction to get from listed, finding a buyer... all the way through to closing.. It seems like Michael won't sleep until he gets your home sold. It's been a pleasure working with him. Without a doubt Michael is the best agent in Toronto.

By: Shannon Doyle

Michael is a hard working, efficient and pleasant agent! His marketing is genius and effective! I highly recommend him!

By: Sarah Averyt

Michael is hands down, is one of my top real estate professional in Toronto. He has extensive experience, knowledge, and all the real estate connections in the area. He is young, professional, does proactive marketing and being coach by the world leaders real estate training. I highly recommend him to anyone that is thinking or even just considering buying or selling real estate.